DCF / Dependency

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No matter what kinds of issues you are facing with DCF/dependency, we are here to help. It can be very frightening if the Department of Children and Families comes to your door and makes allegations. We know and understand this type of law because our law firm deals with these types of cases on a regular basis With strong legal representation, you have the opportunity for a more successful resolution of your case. You also need to know the facts of the matter and understand your rights and responsibilities. That way you can make an informed decision about your DCF/dependency case.

We are the law firm to talk to on these issues, and we are committed to helping you work through the problems that these kinds of cases can have. That can give you more peace of mind, and can also help you feel better about the options you have for addressing the situation the right way. Because there can be many different issues wrapped up in these types of cases, we are committed to making sure you have all the information you need for your particular situation.

If you need a DCF/dependency attorney serving Fort Myers, Florida, contact the Law Office of Barbara A. Cossu, P.A. today to get the help you need.